The Cinnamon Bears

The Red Fox thinks that his problems are over when he accepts a job cooking for the four Cinnammon Bears and flies off with them in their spaceship, The Bearscout. But life is never that simple with the bears. Django, bored with a long spaceflight, would rather be fishing or working on his piano playing. Grandma has some peculiar notions regarding explosives, Rollo is worried about the bank account, and Skylark has special issues to deal with because he's a grizzly. And when the bears go into hibernation, the Red Fox has to deal with a notorious pirate, the Cyber-Wolf, a group of difficult pigs, and a genetically perfect parrot. And that's only the beginning of the Red Fox's adventures as he finds that being a good cook often has as many difficulties as it has rewards.

Canis Major

When the hero Orion is slain by a scorpion sent by the god Apollo, his two hunting dogs, Canis Major and Canis Minor, are given the honor of shining beside him as constellations during the night, and living among the Olympians during the day. These immortal hounds have many adventures, including the foundation of their own temple, (with their own priest, Dogma, and their own poet, Doggerel) as well as various escapades involving the gods and goddesses of Olympus, Chiron the centaur, and even the ghost of a mortal named Socrates.

Yet to Published

And yes, there are more which are finished but not yet published: stories with a different view of Noah's ark, the security surrounding the Manhattan project, the final war of the Norse gods, the fall of Poseidon's Isle (i.e. Atlantis,) what the fisherman does when his wife is taken to the island of the minotaurs, and whether or not an approaching comet is the fifth planet Earth.